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Muhoza sector, Ruhengeri, Rwanda

Job Type




To apply, send your cover letter and CV to by June 30, 2024.

About the Role

AGATI is seeking a dedicated Librarian to join our team to help advance our
mission by providing exceptional library services and fostering a culture of
learning and discovery within our youth and children audience,
● Manage library resources including books, periodicals, and digital
● Maintain organization of library materials and ensure proper shelving.
● Coordinate library programs and activities for people in different age
● Advise the co-founders of anything that can increase the library’s reach
and impact.
● Facilitate the access to library resources for all library visitors.
● Do daily and monthly reporting of all library activities
● Recording daily visits, and keeping a list of rented out books


  • Having a secondary school diploma

  • Strong organizational and communication skills.

  • Ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team.

  • Passion for promoting literacy and lifelong learning.

  • Possessing English workplace proficiency and being a Kinyarwanda

    native speaker

About the Company

Agati Library is a community Library in Musanze District co-founded by 6
young people who grew up together. The co-founders lived and breathed the
opportunities and the challenges of growing up in Musanze. They have been
able to go to school and to further their studies, and they share the idea that
it's never too early to start giving back to the community. Agati Library was
made possible by childhood friendships and a shared zeal for bringing about
positive change in the community by providing a learning sanctuary to
children and young people that extends beyond the formal classroom setting.
Agati library has 2000+ average monthly visits.
We are building a learning hub. We employ young people's passion and
volunteerism to get books to hard-to-reach communities at our library, in
villages far and near, through physical engagements, radio and
on social media.

To apply, send your cover letter and CV to by June 30, 2024.

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