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Agati Mobile Library

This is a library on wheels that takes books to hard-to-reach communities. With the low number of libraries, there is still a high number of underserved communities. The “Agati Mobile Library” programme aims to give the chance to children whose families live far from the library to get access to books and to widen their aspirations by getting to read books beyond the formal classroom setting. 


You will find us gathered under a tree, inside a house, at a community playgrounds, or in classrooms gathered to play and read with children, their parents/grandparents and other caregivers.


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Hospital Children’s Centers

There are children who spend days, weeks, months and even years in hospitals. The Hospital Children’s Centers ners gives these children a physical safe and creative space to read, engage in crafts, and play together and hopefully see light at the end of the tunnel. This ultimately serves not just as a learning experience, but it is also an opportunity for children to create some beautiful memories while going through the difficulties of being hospitalised.

You will find us at the Rubavu, Musanze and Masaka hospitals. 


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Agati Play

Like from books, children learn substantial life skills through play. Science has proven that play is our brain’s favorite way of learning, and that children who play become better life-long learners. Whereas we employ playful approaches in all our programmes, we also have subtle play days where children and their parents/caregivers engage in physical, cognitive, emotional, creative and social play learning through play (LtP) activities. 


You will find us jumping ropes, solving puzzles, making paper/clay crafts, singing,

dancing and so much more


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Nge Nawe Dusome radio programme

Born at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, “Nge Nawe Dusome” which roughly translates as “Read with Me” is an Agati Library radio programme where children share their favorite books on radio and get to read their own original stories. By amplifying children’s voices, this programme aims to champion the culture of reading in the community at large. During the radio programme, children as well as their parents/caregivers engage through SMS and phone calls.


You will find us holding our favorite books in front of a microphone,

and you will hear us on the radio every week. 


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Young Writers Workshops

Children have the ability to be more flexible, inventive, and creative and they have millions of stories to tell. The Young Writers Workshops helps children get in touch with their storytelling genius, and learn basic techniques to put their stories on paper in a compelling way. 


You will find us on our chairs, bowing down writing, looking at the ceiling pensive, using props to experiment with creative character creation, outside in nature getting inspired and

doing all the fun things that get our creative juice flowing. 


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Agati Read Aloud

Reading aloud builds many important foundational skills, introduces vocabulary, provides a model of fluent, expressive reading, and helps children recognize what reading for pleasure is all about. We have Read Aloud sessions everyday at the library. 


You will find us quietly sitting, gathered together in big or small groups, attentively listening to one reader, and we will take turns to all read from one or different books. 


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Summer Activities

In the summer holidays, we host a series of events to engage children in reading and play activities that help them unwind, connect with others and still learn more. 


You will find us playing, doing nature discovery activities, or even gathered around sitting on a mat

or on chairs reading individually and together.


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