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About Us

 Agati Library is a community Library in Musanze District co-founded by 6 young people who grew up together. The co-founders lived and breathed the opportunities and the challenges of growing up in Musanze. They have been able to go to school and to further their studies, and they share the idea that it's never too early to start giving back to the community. Agati Library was made possible by childhood friendships and a shared zeal for bringing about positive change in the  community by providing a learning sanctuary to children and young people that extends beyond the formal classroom setting. Agati library has 2000+ average monthly visits.

Our Journey

For the six young co-founders who were still students when they conceived this idea, the initial capital was from their savings that they put together to open the doors of Agati Library with less than 200 books in April 2018. They saved and worked towards one same goal. The following years have seen the library grow, and the team has moved from being enthusiastic and dynamic youth to strategic thinkers working towards the library’s sustainability. The pandemic has presented unique challenges, but it has been an opportunity to adapt planning to keep driving demand towards reading and it has been an important learning moment that has inspired diverse programs such as the Agati Mobile Library, Nge Nawe Dusome Radio Program, Himba Young Writers Competition, Young Writers Workshops and many more.

Our Partners

 Project Life International/ The New Africa Fund  / The Segal Family Foundation  / Save The Children  / Edition Bakame / Virunga Valley Academy / Imagine We / Kina Rwanda / Ineza Foundation / Energy Radio / Red Rocks Initiative/ Africamile

Meet the Co-Founders

We are 6 young people who grew up in Musanze, Rwanda, lived and breathed its opportunities and challenges founded Agati Library. 

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Patience Karekezi  



Sabine Isangwe

Human resources & Secretary


Rigobert Uwiduhaye

Creative Lead


Prosper Munyabuhoro

 Programme Director


Denyse Umuhuza

Comms. & Fundraising Lead 

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