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Rigobert Uwiduhaye

Creative Lead


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Born and raised in Musanze, Rwanda, Rigobert developed a strong passion for drawing after noticing how his hands and eyes could capture vast visual details of animals. At that time, he was still too young to realize how art would help him to unleash change in his community until he acquired professional art skills in high school.

In 2017, he decided to fully dedicate his career to raising awareness around conserving the most endangered animal species, especially in the Virunga Mountain Range and pressing challenges like climate change, deforestation and global warming.

He uses his art to bring animals, especially gorillas, to humans, enabling people to look directly into their eyes, connect with them, experience and enjoy their spectacular nature personally. Also, he has an outdoor gallery at Crema Coffee Shop to share his with coffee lovers and the local pedestrians in Musanze.

Besides, he co-founded the first-ever community library in Musanze, Agati Library, which he significantly supports through his artwork sales. The library getting +1000 visitors monthly, serves as a platform to share his art and invest in the future generations through increased literacy, teaching them about conservation and helping them become informed citizens who create better communities. Overall, he loves working with integrity and delivering meaningful and high-quality paintings to individuals, families, organizations and art lovers in Rwanda and beyond to beautify spaces and create impact.

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